Additional Production Suites

Construction of new production suites such as Suite 3, increasing manufacturing capacity.

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Cell Culture Suite 3

Due to the rising demand for products such as Simponi, Stelara, and Remicade, we're expanding our continuous perfusion capacity. The Pre/Post project freed up production space, including old downstream rooms in the P-building. These areas will now become Cell Culture Suite 3.

What & where? 

The Cell Culture Suite 3 project consists of 4 phases: demolition start, design completion, construction and finally the Go Live of Suite 3. The Cell Culture Suite 3 project will deliver a brand new 400m2 Cell Culture area. Here, 12 bioreactor bays will be installed for continuous perfusion. Additionally, a technical area will be realized with 70 chilled harvest & media containers. Finally, a DPC room will be created in Suite 3 for chromatography purification. The Go Live of Suite 3 enables installation of 2000L SUBs 5&6. Currently, there are some continuous perfusion (500L) bioreactors at Suite 2 where the new 2000L SUBs 5&6 will be located. It is therefore necessary to wait for the completion of Cell Culture Suite 3 so that the 500L bioreactors can be moved there. 


The demolition has started in the summer of 2023, and the new production area should be fully operational in Q4 2024.

Program Manager

Peter Vlasveld

Project Lead(s)

Jos Boon, Azadeh Bassam, David Broekhuijsen, Peter Veldhoen


The Pre/Post project was a key enabler of the entire Expanding Capacity program. The project has enabled expansion with 1.000 m2 of additional production space. This strategic project creates opportunity to respond to the supply & demand dynamics for tomorrow and the day after.

What & Where? 

The run up to this project started back in 2011, when a multi-year plan was created to serve as a backbone to expand our capacity for the future. In the period of 2014-2018, the team moved the Weigh and Dispense activities to a newly built facility at Schiphol Rijk. And now, the pre/post viral boundary was shifted to optimize production flows. Have a look at the infographic to learn more about the timeline and highlights of the project.  


The Pre/Post project was completed in APR23.

DPC Suite 4 & ISL Moving 

The harvest produced for Cell Culture Suites, is processed in so-called DPC suites (Direct Product Capture). Due to increased demands for Stelara and the future Suite 3 output, we need more DPC capacity. In this project, we are realizing a new DPC room inside Cell Culture Suite 1, enabling higher production output.

What & Where? 

Cell Culture Suite 1 in the P-building currently has 3 DPC rooms. A 4th DPC suite will be realized by renovating the room P0.145-3, that used to be a storage area. The new 4th DPC suite will provide room for an additional chromatography skid and column, as well as room for filtration and filling activities of DPC bottles. With the expansion of the equipment of Cell Culture Suite 3, we can support the equipment for this room as well. 


The first step was to free up area, by relocating the storage area (ISL room). Due to the Pre/Post project, the two storage areas on the ground floor could be centralized. This freed up the room for demolition & construction activities for the 4th DPC suite. We started in OCT23 by demolishing the old storage area and we’re planning the DPC suite to be fully operational by APR24.

Project Lead

Jos Boon