Investing together in innovation for
the patient

As an innovative pharmaceutical company, Janssen is deeply rooted in the Belgian Life Sciences ecosystem, in which each player makes a unique contribution and has the same ambition: to strengthen our healthcare system. Every day we are committed to improving the health and welfare of all people, in a sustainable manner, taking inspiration from the Sustainable Development Goals ('SDGs') of the United Nations. 

This sense of responsibility was confirmed in 2020: Janssen made every effort to deploy the people, knowledge, infrastructure and technology that it possesses for the health of people worldwide at the start of the corona pandemic. Our primary focus always remains the same: to ensure that our medicines are available worldwide to all patients who need them. However, the crisis presented Belgian society with new challenges that prompted immediate action on our part. For example, we supplied alcohol gels to hospitals in need by converting two of our production lines, conducted diagnostic tests to expand national testing capacity and developed our COVID-19 vaccine.  

Peggy Van Casteren

Head of SDG & Community Impact J&J Benelux

With this report, we provide insight into how we do that. We emphasize the importance and power of dialogue with all stakeholders and building partnerships. We believe that the most valuable innovation for patients comes from working together with the various actors who together shape our healthcare system. In this way, we can also further strengthen the ecosystem, encourage and attract talent, and fulfill our common responsibility to society.

The pandemic also reshaped our role. We felt that our staff absolutely wanted to keep going to make a difference, but at the same time they were also looking for support from each other. It was very important for us to take good care of the mental and physical health of all our employees. We saw that - despite everything - everyone always brought out the best in themselves. That is truly fascinating. Our people are absolutely the strength of our organization. 

Janssen's activities in Belgium cover various areas: research and development (R&D), clinical research, production and distribution, and making our new treatments accessible to the patient. Each step of the innovation cycle takes place in our country. This unique 'end-to-end' approach leads to numerous collaborations with universities, start-ups, scale-ups and other players in the healthcare landscape. They make it possible to meet the challenges of the future. As a pharma valley, it is important that our country continues to attract the right talent and targeted investments to excel in its leadership role. It is therefore our ambition to share our knowledge and to be a catalyst in this for the entire Belgian Life Sciences ecosystem. In this report, we give examples of the projects that we set up and carry out in order to strengthen this objective.  

Science and technology are now evolving at a rapid pace. We are on the eve of major medical breakthroughs. Our research teams are increasingly focusing on the early detection and prevention of diseases, in order to increase the chances of a successful treatment and cure. These developments are leading to major health gains and improved quality of life, but they are also setting the stage for discussions about affordability and accessibility of care. The current system needs to be rethought and Janssen is a partner in this constructive dialogue. Perhaps Belgium can be a pioneer in this field. 

After all, as a leading innovative company, we have a major social commitment. This invisible social contract with society is expressed in many areas. For example, our responsibility goes beyond developing the latest treatments and bringing them to patients. Our ecological footprint and the way we deal with gender equality and diversity are also important aspects within our business operations. That is why we also work closely with many different partners on these topics. With this report, we also want to further strengthen this voice in order to continue making a difference for people worldwide. Innovation, in all its facets, is the basis for a healthy future, for everyone!  

Handtekening Sonja Willems

Maria Fernanda Prado

Managing Director Janssen Benelux

Handtekening Kris Sterkens

Kris Sterkens

Managing Director - Janssen Pharmaceutica