At Janssen, we are committed to strengthening healthcare on a daily basis, and this was particularly necessary during the past year. The development of the COVID-19 vaccine during the pandemic demonstrated how essential the cooperation with universities, authorities and companies is for Janssen to be effective. As an innovative pharmaceutical company, we particularly want to achieve this strengthening in a sustainable manner. In this respect, we are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Through this report, we want to offer insight into how we, as a pharmaceutical company, are doing our best to further strengthen the Belgian Life Sciences ecosystem, while at the same time fulfilling our responsibility to society.

Working towards a future where disease is a thing of the past

The Life Sciences sector is one of the most important sectors in our country. Janssen, with its 5,000 dedicated colleagues, is an important part of this in Belgium, together ensuring that the Belgian healthcare system is among the best in Europe. At the Janssen sites in Belgium, we are active in several aspects of the supply chain, from invention, development and production, to making the latest treatments available, such as medicines, therapies and vaccines. Janssen is also very important to the Belgian R&D landscape, for example Janssen invested 2.2 billion in R&D in 2020, making Janssen the largest Pharmaceutical R&D investor in Belgium.

The core of Janssen's work is the research, development and production of new therapies, medicines and vaccines. The improvement of patient care and its positive impact on society are always at the forefront of this endeavor. Our R&D campus in Beerse plays a crucial role in all of these areas, and due to our hard work in this field we have introduced 15 new medicines and vaccines onto the market since 2012.

Working together on meaningful innovations

Partnerships and continuous dialogue play an important role in every step of the Janssen value chain. These consist of strategic collaborations and partnerships with universities, research institutes and hospitals, public-private partnerships, and also the stimulation of innovative start-ups and scale-ups. The continuous dialogue is also essential; we do this with healthcare professionals, authorities and policymakers in order to bring our innovations to the patient and to guarantee the accessibility and affordability of healthcare.

From lab to patient

Clinical research is the scientific foundation behind the safety and efficacy of the innovative treatments that we have developed during the R&D process. Volunteers and patients naturally form the core here, and Janssen conducts this research in accordance with the highest quality standards. This is an essential step in the process of contributing to the improvement of patient care and the healthcare system.

At our production facilities in Beerse, Geel and Olen, Janssen produces and distributes high-quality and safe treatments for patients in Belgium and the rest of the world. We are also an innovative company in the field of production and distribution, which is why we do this on the basis of high-tech production processes and with a particular focus on digitalization, circular economy and renewable energy.

The future of healthcare

At Janssen, we aim to make all our innovations available worldwide, because our treatments only have value when they actually reach patients. We also work together with various parties in the field of reimbursement, such as governments, competent bodies and administrations, universities, healthcare professionals and numerous other partners. This step is necessary to make innovative developments widely accessible.

By means of innovative treatments, we can change many diseases into chronic, well-treatable diseases, and scientific evolution is also increasingly enabling us to cure people completely, or even to prevent them from becoming ill. This is why we continue to work on these treatments at Janssen, in order to make a difference and create value for patients and society.

Janssen's mission is to contribute to sustainable, efficient and future-proof healthcare. Even after we have made a new treatment available to the patient, Janssen continues to carry out research in order to make our medicines, therapies and vaccines even better and more targeted. In this way, we will be able to provide even more health benefits for the patient in the future, and we will thus be working towards a value-driven healthcare system and society.